Jeffrey R. Niemala

Paralegal Practitioner

'"I would like to help you resolve your  dispute without the time and cost of litigation."

I Help My Clients Settle Disputes Out Of Court

I am a mediator of debtor and creditor claims and other monetary disputes. 


I am the founder and CEO of Equisettle, LLC, a dispute resolution platform  and Prairie River Capital, LLC,  a first tier debt acquisition firm specializing in the remonetization and sale of distressed assets. 


Additionally, I currently sit on the boards of directors of public and private companies both in the US and Canada.


I commenced my career as a collections paralegal bringing hundreds of  commercial and consumer  creditor claims in the conciliation court and settling hundreds more out of court. As a result, I possess a solid understanding of all phases of the collection cycle, pre and post judgment and have successfully seized millions of dollars of real and personal property.


Seeing an opportunity to serve consumers, I opened my firm to debt negotiation clients. Taking from my collections background, I have achieved settlements for my clients as high as 80% with an average of 60% savings at settlement.


 I then transitioned my practice to mediating  court connected and private commercial and consumer, debtor and creditor disputes.


As a paralegal mediator, I understand the complexities and nuances of debtor and creditor disputes and the process of litigation and dispute resolution. 


As CEO of a debt acquisition firm, I understand the business issues underlying debtor and creditor disputes and the challenges of reaching an equitable settlement. I am fluent in both “legalese” and “business-speak,” and bring my understanding of both to the dispute resolution process.



As a mediator, I use both evaluative and facilitative styles in hybrid. I bring the parties to settlement by identifying the issues in dispute and “decluttering” the emotion surrounding those issues. 


As a collections paralegal and a businessperson, my insights and experiences allow me to identify the core issues and facilitate the parties’ efficient negotiation of those matters. When appropriate, however, I will step out of the facilitative role and express my candid thoughts regarding the strengths, weaknesses and probable responses to asserted positions.


In 2013 I earned the honorary degree of Juris Doctor from the American Justice Foundation and continue to promote its core mission of the Public Legal Education Agenda (P.L.E.A.) Additionally, I teach online techniques to  mediators and arbitrators  developing a virtual practice and settlement strategies and secrets to executives in the accounts receivable management space.

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