Online Mediation

If you perfer to not be present with the other party or if time or distance is a barier to scheduling, we can mediate in a secure online environment from any location with an internet connection using any device connected to the internet. Equisettle allows the parties to submit documents, videos and photos in a real time face to face environment over the internet.


Mediating online is a convenient way for parties to resolve disputes.  If you have an attorney they are able to join from thier location as well. You can confer with your attorney in a private chat or by telephone as required throught the mediation.

As a leading online mediator, I have successfully resolved consumer and business finance disputes through mediation since 2006. My goal is to offer services without the hassle involved in court litigation and saving time and money for my clients.


The most common way to resolve financial obligation disputes are Arbitration or Mediation. In Mediation, a neutral party, the mediator, assists lenders and consumers to achieve a mediated solution.


Unlike an arbitrator, as mediator, I do not make a decision. The borrower and the lender make the decision on how to best settle the dispute and the final terms.


In Biding Mediation, both lender and borrower agree prior to the conference that I, as mediator will make a final resolution on any issues the parties could not agree on.


As Mediator, I will assist the parties in memorializing the agreed terms and signing the documents prior to ending the conference.


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